Network marketing: formazione ed opportunità

Network marketing: formazione ed opportunità

venerdì 8 luglio 2016

GetMyAds:Make money online easy and fast!

GetMyAds (GMA), as an innovative customer-driven enterprise, gives you full disclosure on the financial benefits you can gain as a customer and as an affiliate partner through its various programs from which you could obtain significant income levels through its unique compensation plan. It also gives you concrete examples and computations on the earnings you will gain from those programs. Within this context, it also gives you insights on how to earn money from its affiliate partner program in conjunction with its sub-affiliate program. It also allows you to discover how to earn loyalty bonus and mentor bonus as well.

5 Ways To Earn Money with GetMyAds

In today’s fiercely competitive world, there is an ongoing intense competitive battle among businesses. Mainly for this reason, you need to let people know about how your company can give the benefits people need, most especially the beneficial qualities of your product lines and the top-notch services you can deliver. Although the fastest way to do so is build your own online site, but having your website alone would not suffice. You need to have more visitors, higher volume traffic to your product site.

GetMyAds (GMA) has responded to meet that need. GMA is a Traffic network that sells Traffic Packages to clients who need visitors to their sites. But GMA, unlike its competitors, is not only in this business to drive traffic to its customer’s campaigns, it is there to compensate its customers for availing of its products and services.

GMA has its own compensation plan for its customers who are availing of its traffic-generating services.

How GMA allocates its tokens?

40% – i.e. 20 dollars goes back to the PayBack Pool. This is the main pool from which GMA rewards its customers.
40% – An additional $20 dollars are given back to its Affiliates under its compensation plan. The plan is on 2 levels to give payouts to its affiliate partners and sub-affiliates through commission incomes, reinforced with a Mentor Bonus to   attracting more customers under its affiliate partner program.
20% – $10 dollars are earmarked to finance the ongoing operations of the company, for its expansion and growth in the future.

How Does It Compensate or Rewards Its Customers?

The easiest way to explain our unique compensation plan to our customers is to discuss the sources of incomes specifically design to reward them.

Five sources of income:

Payback Program
Loyalty Bonus
Affiliate Program
Sub-Affiliate Program
Mentor Bonus

Payback Program

The PayBack program is an Innovative tool created by GetMyAds that allows every customer to take part in the success of the Company.

Due to our satisfied customers, we receive better terms with the Networks and for  that reason, we would like to express our gratitude to them through the PayBack program.

What is a Token

A Token which is equivalent to $50.00 is basically an internal currency being used in GMA which enables our customer to avail of its traffic-generating products and services. Your one token purchased would allow you to avail of its services to generate more traffic to your site or to promote your products/services online.
Each Token every time  it is purchased becomes part of the 600- day PayBack program.

With every Token purchased, 40% of the $50,which is $20, goes into the PayBack Pool.
The Bonus is paid through that pool. That also means that the Bonus can change overnight
On the average, the number of Tokens sold the previous weeks will be used as benchmark.
The PayBack pool is a dynamic bonus, which GetMyAds pays out by the hour.
50% of the payout will be added to your commission account and the other 50% will be added to your re-buy account from which you can purchase new Tokens. The money from your commission account can also be used to purchase new Tokens if you decide to do so.

Loyalty Bonus

There is the loyalty bonus for the advertiser pool for customers who acquire 500,  750 and 1,000 active advertising tokens.
This bonus is paid monthly based on the previous month’s token purchases throughout the GMA network.
This is extra money that you could receive as a passive income without exerting any effort to earn it.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program is a privilege given to our customers, of legal age, who sign  up   with GMA. It allows you to earn commissions through your referrals to other  customers who register with it and buy tokens.  When you get new customers to  GetMyAds, you receive 12%, which is $6 for every Token that your direct Customer   Purchases from GetMyAds, as long as he stays active.


If you can persuade a customer to sign up with GMA, you will receive $6 commission for each token the customer buys.
If a customer buys 10 tokens, you receive $60 commission.
If you have 10 clients who do so, you get $600.

Sub-Affiliate Program

A Sub-affiliate Program is another privilege given to affiliate partners whereby it allows them to earn commissions from customers of their referrals, when they avail of GMA products and services through the tokens they acquire.

When your customer brings in more customers, because he is convinced how GetMyAds works for its customers, he will receive 12%, which is $6 commission and  you will receive as well 12%, which is $6 commission for every Token that your  indirect customers or sub-affiliates will purchase.

Mentor Bonus

Mentor Bonus is paid out to all affiliates, who actively support their team. The  Mentor Bonus increases as an affiliate stays actively involved in token purchases and recruitment of more affiliate partners over time. It is a flexible Bonus, which is financed through a pool and is fairly distributed.
Example: When you obtain 10 Customers, who purchase 10 Tokens each, you receive immediately a commission of $600 and you can use that commission to purchase more Tokens or have it paid out to your bank account.

When your 10 Customer would do the same, meaning they also find 10 Customers, who purchase 10 Tokens each, you will receive $6000 and shortly after you can expect to be given your Mentor Bonus, which you can also have it paid out directly to your bank account.

The Mentor Bonus is a pool, in which 16% – which is $8 – of every purchased Token flows and which is distributed with a few keys.
Basically, if you actively work with your team together, the mentor bonus will be within reach. Support your customers and affiliates actively and enjoy your daily payouts of the mentor bonus.
GMA, through its comprehensive financial benefits plan, provides its customers with seemingly endless streams of rewards mainly through numerous rebates, commissions and bonuses for patronizing its traffic-generating products and services.

Start earning money today!   
Why GetMyAds will change your life.
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