Network marketing: formazione ed opportunità

Network marketing: formazione ed opportunità

martedì 19 luglio 2016

CrowdRising in 3 minutes - Funding the Crowd Sharing way.

CROWDRISING FUNDING PROGRAM: The Power of $20 With An Unending Passive Income!
Why Join CrowdRising Funding Program?
CrowdRising is highly innovative , new, and unique peer - to- peer direct funding program. It is designed with a common man, people that have not made real money from Online business in mind. You are allowed to register free of charge, after which you have 48 hours to get familiar with the system.

The Power of Your $20 Donation works incredibly here! In CrowdRising Funding Program, you upgrade with just one-time $20. This system has the power to give you an unending passive income all the days of your life. This amount is paid directly to your sponsor's deposit account which could be Bitcoin, Payeer, Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay etc.

This $20 donation to your sponsor, upgrades you to level 1, which positions you to receive $20 each from your five downlines (totaling $100). Your downlines are not necessarily your direct referrals, this is because the system operates a forced 5-matrix system. Immediately your five positions are filled, whether from your direct referrals or from spillover from your uplines, the next referrals goes down to any of your earlier referrals. That is to say, you don't even need to recruit personally in order to grow in the system, though your personal recruitment effort is needed for faster growth.

To move to level 2, you donate $40 to your sponsor's sponsor. This donation will in turn position you to receive $40 each from 25 fellow Crowdrisers (totaling $1000). Your next level 3, will position you to receive $7500, and all these can happen within a month or two. Remember, the upgrade is not being paid from your pocket any longer. You only have to pay one-time $20.
CrowdRising is created to help you and your family rise to a life of financial independence. CrowdRising is changing lives! You can be the next in line if you wish. 

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